Health and Wellness Branding for Functional Medicine Health Coach

Check out this breakdown of my health and wellness branding design process for functional medicine health coach, Brystol Kilberg. Read more about how I built her a cohesive, wellness brand with a clean and modern feel.

Brystol reached out to me just before launching her functional medicine health coaching business. She understood the importance of having a brand strategy established from the get-go. Her goal was to be prepared for marketing on social media and creating print materials immediately and also be prepared for a website down the road. I’d say she landed in the right place! 

My Branding Design VIP Intensive was the perfect solution for Brystol. She was able to get her new branding out in the world in less than 7 days!

Prep + Strategy Time

I sent my branding questionnaire her way and jumped right in. I ask about the nitty-gritty details of my client’s businesses: ideal audience, services, products, mission and values, customer experience, personality, business goals, personal style, and so much more! We hopped on a strategy call and chatted about all things business and design.

The Planning Process

Brystol was looking for a clean, modern brand design. She felt pulled to help parents who were feeling burnt out, struggling to balance both their career and family life and needed help with stress management. With her audience in mind, I felt it was important for the design to elicit feelings of peace, calm, and relaxation but of course, I also want it to suit her whimsical and fun personality.  Colors that I knew would work with her audience were blues, greens, and neutrals. Brystol agreed and, therefore, those served as the primary colors in her palette.

Something fun but super useful in my branding process, is I ask my client about some brands from their everyday life that they love. Brystol said she loved the brands Peloton, Beautycounter, and Lululemon. You bet I pulled some inspiration from those!

We decided on a sans-serif font for the primary font because of its simple, clean, modern properties. By utilizing both a bold and lightweight variation of the same font, the text felt cohesiveness and had a high visual interest.

I had so much fun incorporating the lotus flower illustration into the design. Not all brands need an illustration but some benefit from them. It provided a wow factor for Brystol’s brand and helps build strong brand recognition.

The Results

One of my goals is to design a timeless brand that will last. I believe Brystol’s brand will suit her business for a long time, but she already told me that if she ever shifts her business in a new direction, she will come back to me in the future. Thank you, Brystol, that means so much to me! 

You can read Brystol’s full testimonial:

“Abigail made creating a brand and logo so simple. She listened to my vision and executed it. I loved how I got to have some input along the way of the creation process, but in a way that wasn’t overwhelming with too much to choose from. 10/10 recommend using her service if you want to spend your time more productively designing content instead of how your content looks!”

I’m here to help you!

Brystol decided her time was best spent staying in her zone of genius and allowed me to use my zone of genius to help her. I specialize in health and wellness branding and web design. If you are a brand new business just starting, I’m happy to chat with you about your needs. If are an established business but think you might need a rebrand or website refresh, I’m happy to chat with you too!

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