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4 Quick Tips to Improve Your Home Page Design and Get More Clients

Whether you are designing a new website from scratch or revamping your current site, there are a few simple but essential components that will help you get more clients!

Including these key components will help take your visitors from tire-kickers to action-takers. You will walk away having a clear plan that will empower you to implement these things onto your site today, not leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Have you heard of the hero section before? Maybe, maybe not. To keep it simple, it’s the first section of content on your page. This is your first shot at captivating and hooking your reader. Think of this section as being a visitor’s superhero coming to rescue them from their problems.

Stand by, you’ll see what I mean. Cue my first two tips.

Here’s what to include in your hero section:

No. 1: Include a captivating, high-resolution image

If you are the sole service provider then it should be a professional photo of you. Have an office or a team? It might be appropriate to use a high-quality stock photo. Just make sure it is relevant to your industry. My go-to sites for *free* stock photos are Pexels, Pixebay, and Unsplash. A full-width image with a text overlay really packs a punch. That leads us to the next key feature for your home page.

No 2: Use a short but clear, descriptive headline

This is your headline goal … You must let your visitor know they are in the right place and exactly how you can help. Let’s explore a few real-life examples that hit the nail on the head.

I love this one from the Alabama Tongue-Tie Center.

Headline: “Help your child eat, sleep, and speak better.”

Subheadline: “We use advanced laser technology to fully release your child’s tongue-tie in a precise, quick, and sedation-free procedure.”

Ooooh, and this one at Thrive Couples Counseling:

Headline: “Marriage Counseling That Works”

Subheadline: “We specialize in helping marriages & strengthening relationships”

Clear messaging is crucial when you are trying to get more clients. If you are struggling with your messaging, I strongly recommend getting your hands on this book by Donald Miller. Moving on to another crucial component …

No. 3: Include a call-to-action above the page fold

Your first call-to-action (CTA) should include the main action you want your audience to take. This would be something simple like ‘book a call’ or ‘schedule a free consultation’. Do not make your visitors hunt around for what to do next. This should preferably be a button that contrasts well with the other text. I recommend making this bold, bigger, brighter, or a combo of these things. Plant this sucker in the top section of the page BEFORE any scrolling takes place. Nothing makes a person lose interest in a site faster than difficult navigation.

It is also best practice to repeat this same CTA at the very bottom of the page. Otherwise, be sure to include a ‘return to top’ button that jumps the viewer back to the top of the page. Last, but not least…

No. 4: Add a section for social proof

Every service-based business needs to have testimonials on its website, including health experts. If you helped transform their health and wellbeing, which I bet you did, they are pretty darn likely to give you a heartfelt testimonial. Of course, if HIPPA guidelines apply to your industry, be sure to obtain their written permission before adding it to your site.

And there you go, you now have 4 easy things you can start implementing onto your site TODAY to make a great first impression and get more clients in the door!

If you are a holistic health expert and are struggling with your branding or site design, please reach out to me here. My mission is to take the stress out of the design process so you can focus on what you do best— caring for your clients.

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